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Domains of Physician Wellness

Culture of Wellness Program

Stanford Medicine defines Culture of Wellness as the organization’s work environment, values and behaviors that promote self-care, personal and professional growth and compassion for ourselves, our colleagues and our patients.

At Atrius Health, we are support a Culture of Wellness through two major areas of programming. The Department of Clinical Affairs supports clinician leadership development programming, as clinician leaders are the backbone of a healthy and supportive culture. We support our organization’s culture through a series of collegiality events bringing clinicians together after clinic hours to meet, network, and support each other.

Efficiency of Practice Program

Stanford defines practice efficiency as the value-added clinical work accomplished divided by the time and energy spent.

Here at Atrius Health, the Department of Clinical Affairs will work with our partners in Operations, IT, HR, and Nursing to streamline clinicians’ work wherever possible, as well as represent the voice of the clinician on improvement efforts. We also have programs in place to work with individual practices to identify and improve efficiencies in their work environment.

Personal Resilience Program

Personal Resilience is the set of individual skills, behaviors, and attitudes that contribute to personal, physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Personal resilience is an individual capability which Atrius Health provides ideas and resources for clinicians to pursue personal resilience activities in association of their work environment, including the Atrius Health Canyon Ranch CME programs, Science of Mindfulness CME, and sub-committees that are working on developing programming related to women in medicine, advocacy, and volunteering in the community. 


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