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Center for Clinical Research

The Center for Clinical Research assists clinician-investigators through a variety of services. In collaboration with our Support Services Core, we offer support with grant writing, contracts, compliance management, data analysis, and management of clinical trials and research projects from start to finish.

The Center for Clinical Research focuses on the following strategic areas:

  • Patient-centered models of care
  • Provider well-being and burnout prevention
  • Health technologies
  • Quality Improvement
  • Implementation science

Our goal is to build a robust research base focused on these strategic areas in order to improve the well-being of our patients and providers and to foster strong partnerships with academia, industry, investors and foundations. Atrius Health providers conduct research studies across a broad range of clinical areas and collaborate with many local and nationally-recognized organizations. We look forward to working with investigators at all levels and in all clinical departments to improve delivery and quality of healthcare.

Meet Some of our Clinician Researchers

Kyle Morawski, MD
Primary and Urgent Care Physician

As a resident, I rotated through Atrius Health in 2012 and continued working at the Harvard Vanguard Kenmore urgent care practice during my fellowship with the Center for Healthcare Delivery Science. In 2017, after an extensive employment-focused search on organizations where primary care is done well, I joined as a full-time physician practicing primary care, urgent care, and administrative activities.

I came to Atrius Health for its impressive primary care focus. The focus on primary care and the data infrastructure that exists led to my envisioning a future in research as well. I hope to guide the medical community in a more efficient, high-quality and high-fidelity model of care. The research I was doing previously didn’t apply to everyday clinical practice. By joining Atrius Health, my goal is to produce relatable, implementable, and helpful practices to improve the lives of our patients.

Currently, I am working with our analytics and operations teams to use a prediction model for hospitalization as guidance for targeted interventions amongst high-risk individuals. This involves teamwork across the care spectrum, including medical assistants, secretaries, nurses, pharmacists, and other clinicians. We are working to have a high-fidelity system that can prevent emergency room visits and inpatient hospitalizations and improve the lives of our patients.

Craig Monsen, MD
Chief Medical Information Officer

I am an internal medicine physician and have found a home in clinical informatics at Atrius Health. As the Chief Medical Information Officer, I spend much of my week thinking about how our electronic health record can make it easier to do the right thing. There is no single path into this field of clinical informatics, but I began mine by studying biomedical engineering at Harvard University, followed by an excursion to Baltimore to attend medical school at Johns Hopkins. I returned to Boston to begin my residency at Atrius Health, practicing at the Harvard Vanguard Copley site and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. As a busy resident, Atrius Health was supportive of my interests with readily accessible leadership and a commitment to creating the future of primary care.

Since then, my informatics work has evolved to understand how clinical information systems may be tuned to: 1) improve joy in practice, 2) predict and prevent adverse health outcomes, 3) promote health data exchange, and 4) facilitate value-based care.

In the process, I have been a beneficiary of our research and development collaboration infrastructure, including work with industry partners like Healthfinch and Linguamatics, academic medical centers like Johns Hopkins, and publishing work from the electronic medical record in peer-reviewed journals. I enjoy balancing research and clinical care since I routinely benefit from the two perspectives. Often, a new patient visit jogs my thoughts on data exchange, or hearing about a remote monitoring solution affects my referrals to visiting nurse care. If operating in a highly-functioning ambulatory practice at multiple scales in the healthcare system is something you’re interested in, Atrius Health might be the place for you.


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